Break through the noise with powerful notes that truly connect with kids, young adults and aspiring young professionals.



Deliver support, confidence and hope to loved ones, colleagues, young professionals, and anyone else you want to encourage on a daily basis.



Fuel the effort to improve, the persistence to finish, and the confidence to learn and grow one Impactful Note at a time.


Impactful resources

Fuel the effort to improve, the persistence to finish, and the confidence to learn and grow.

Why Impactful Notes?


Consistent, regular, and relevant encouragement has been proven to raise performance up to 39%!

Quick, easy and powerful tool for receiving and sharing daily inspiration, encouragement and motivation.

Simple, effective and efficient way to raise performance, unlock potential and break through performance barriers.

Fast, fun and convenient way to encourage your kids, family and team every day.

I love receiving ImpACTful Notes. They are fun, interesting, and full of encouragement and good advice.

Cassidy, 17, High School Junior

ImpACTful Notes is a great way to start my day. The content is practical, timely and challenged me to think in ways I wouldn't have otherwise. It has helped me focus on building and executing a plan rather than getting consumed in daily activity.

Eric, 22, Mobile Communications Sales Professional

As a mom of an 18 year old daughter, we totally enjoy ImpACTful Notes. The notes have provided great counsel and encouragement. Erica was inspired by the notes on handwritten notes. She took the time to write notes of encouragement to about 10 of her friends. They were inspired to pay it forward themselves. Thank you for encouraging, inspiring and challenging my daughter and me. And many more thanks for the ripple effect.

Terrie, Mom and Community Leader

I look forward to my ImpACTful Note each morning! The notes are a terrific combination of leadership, motivation, practical advice and spiritual encouragement. They are always applicable to a current situation or the day I am facing. Thanks, Jim!

Tom Koos, Husband, Father, CEO, Weber-Stephen Products

Every day is busy and filled with new challenges and demands. ImpACTful Notes is an incredible resource that helps me pause, take a deep breath and get focused on what truly matters. The knowledge and skills they impart are important daily reminders that help me do my best.

Justin, 21, College Senior

ImpACTful Notes challenges me and provides ideas that always relevant. It acts as an important reminder to build my daily actions around the most important roles and goals in my life. I am an ImpACTful Notes enthusiast.

John, Husband, Father and Business Leader

Receiving my ImpACTful Note each morning is awesome. It helps me focus on what is important, inspires me, and teaches me important skills. Thanks!

Jordan, 15, High School Freshman

ImpACTful Notes is my daily dose of inspiration and encouragement. The notes motivate me to dream big, think outside the box, and reach beyond my expectations. I am inspired and guided to live a life of fulfillment and contribution. Impactful Notes continues to be a powerful resource for my family and me.

Brian, Husband, Father, and Business Owner

ImpACTful Notes is one of my most important tools for driving my college success. Each note preps me for the day ahead and helps keep me focused on my most important actions for the day. I love how relatable the notes are to my everyday life. They are like having a personal life coach in the palm of my hand!

Nick, 20, College Sophomore

ImpACTful notes are a true blessing. They are a daily reminder I am loved. Receiving them as a text message makes it easy to read and refer to from anywhere. The notes are encouraging and given me valuable insights and knowledge. I can't think of any way to replace them.

Macy, 19, College Sophomore

I love waking up to ImpACTful Notes! It's a great way to motivate me to start my day with a positive outlook. The notes are a great sense of encouragement and help me when I'm going through a difficult time and make the good days better.

Alyssa, 21, College Senior

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